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To view career opportunities, click "Search" and click "Apply Online" to search, or go to State of Montana Careers to view your FWP. Read our article about job hunting at Eastern Montana State University in Missoula this fall and find Eastern in fall 2016.

The Missoula Art Museum houses a variety of traveling exhibitions as well as exhibits from the museum's permanent collection. There are a number of vacancies at the Museum of Fine Arts, Montana State University and the University of Montana that are looking for people willing to be part of a team of artists, photographers, designers and other art experts. Experience the preservation of the exhibits and collections of the Missourian Museum, the largest art and culture museum in the state.

The University of Montana College of Technology, formerly known as the Missoula Vocational and Technical Center, was founded in 1956 and offers fast learning programs. The campus is home to three schools, including the School of Business, the College for Business Administration and the Center for Science and Technology Education and Research.

We are looking for a conservation director to lead and support MWA's campaigns and programs to protect Montana's public lands and wild places, and to offer positions in Montana and Eastern Idaho. REO, Montana farm workers have the opportunity to complete a four-year full-time internship at the University of Montana College of Technology. We also help that 7 out of 10 internships lead to a full-time job, which means that Montana interns can also serve as a valuable resource to find a full-time job in the city after graduation. Montana is home to some of the most beautiful landscapes in the country, from snow-capped mountains to wildflowers, and is a great destination for outdoor recreation, hiking, camping, fishing, hunting and camping.

The Montana Office of Job Service is part of a nationwide network of labor development centers that works with community partners to provide customer-focused employment and training opportunities.