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This enclave in western Montana has managed to break away from its traditional outdoor lifestyle and reinvent its location as a destination for nature - travelers who want to dive for a few days are thrilled. The Montana Snowbowl is located about an hour away in Missoula, but is still one of the most popular destinations in the state for outdoor enthusiasts.

It is an ideal place for hiking and mountain biking, but when the snow falls, it is also a great place for skiing, snowshoeing and snowmobiling.

From one way to the other, Missoula is awash with resources and organizations to promote alternative transportation options in the city, including FreeCycles for Missoulsans. In Motion, it is also one of the best places to find resources for alternative transportation in this city.

Help build the Continental Divide Trail, join the State Council, do wilderness walks, fill out volunteer applications at Montana State Park, engage in local field offices, help with annual meetings, or simply mention your interest in the Traveler's Rest form.

An essential part of Missoula's history are the various parties, parties and freebies that often take place all year round and are fun - time with friends and family. Visit Naturalist in Schools, an annual celebration of Montana's natural history and culture, with live music, food, crafts, activities and more.

Montana River Lodge, for example, is a great place to stay and fish on the Clark Fork River and close to downtown Missoula. Located right in the middle of the river at Clark Fork, it's worth a visit if you're near it. Although conveniently located in the city center, it is also considered the highest church in the Missouri District and is enjoyed by all.

If the weather outside in Missoula is bad and you don't know much about it, head straight to the museum. Even if it might seem a bit touristy to get a good overview of what the area has to offer, "Doing Things in MissoulA" is a good starting point for exploring the area. "The" City "page on the visitors" website is as good a starting point as any other. Take a break from your busy schedule and definitely visit the Missoulsa Insectarium during your Mississippi vacation. Next time you're in a national park, take a moment to stop by the Great Smoky Mountains National Park or Grand Teton National Parks National Wildlife Refuge on our way out and enjoy some of the breathtaking views from the top of Mount Rushmore, Yellowstone and other national parks.

The Great Smoky Mountains National Park or Grand Teton National Parks National Wildlife Refuge on the way out. The Missoula Insectarium hosts a variety of events throughout the year, including the annual Museum of Mississippi and Missoula's Natural History Museum.

All you have to do is enter your zip code, and Esri will show you an interactive map of Montana State and its parks and recreation areas. Within an hour of the city limits, there are plenty of hiking trails to keep you busy, starting with the Rattlesnake Wilderness and Lolo Peak. A Missouri native who loves kayaking on rivers around the world, renting a canoe or kayak or chartering a motor boat to explore tons of wildlife, including wild horses, is a real Montana experience. Enjoy surfing in the Brennan waves, which create a park or recreation area worth visiting.

If you love the University of Montana, you will love moving to Missoula and living in the stunning green landscape that deserves the name Garden City. As with the boulders and ash clouds of the country, two main points are true here: people here love their city, but they also love going out into the world that is a little outside. There are many fishing opportunities in town, and if you don't mind looking for bears, go fishing in the Great Basin National Wildlife Refuge or Yellowstone National Park. This charming and cute winery is located just a short drive from Missoulsa, where you will have the opportunity to taste an excellent wine.

As mentioned before, Missoula has a number of parks that keep nature lovers and recreational activities busy in spring and autumn.

The Native Plant Garden is a native plant nursery located on the Bitterroot River near historic Fort Missoula. The Fort exudes the fascinating history of Missouria County, including its history as a trading post for the US Army during the Civil War. CFWEP volunteers have the opportunity to work directly with students and teachers in the Upper Clark Fork Basin.

The lodge is only a 49 minute drive from Missoula, and the abbeys of the river are very close to the lodge. The first inhabitants of the valley, the Salish Indians, had their first contact with the USA at the end of the 18th and beginning of the 19th century. They first met the Caucasian people when a group of 400 people joined the Lewis and Clark expedition in the area that is now Darby, Montana. Meriwether Lewis and his group crossed the Bitterroot River on their way to what is now Missouria County and stopped at Fort Benton on their way back.

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More About Missoula