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The airport is only a short drive from the city of St. Louis, Missouri and a few hours from Denver. Denver is the second largest city in the United States and one of the largest in North America.

RTD also operates a commuter rail line that runs from the airport to downtown Denver via Denver Union Station. Scheduled buses are also available, as are route transportation to and from Denver International Airport and the Denver Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Southwest Airlines is the primary user of the hall and uses it for flights to and from Denver International Airport and the Denver Convention and Visitors Bureau. Amtrak offers a ticket-only train service between the airport and downtown Denver via Denver Union Station. United flights are handled from Concourse A, while United Express services from the eastern end of the concourse, which currently includes the main terminal, international terminal and terminal 2. United Airlines is the only occupant of Concordens B and C. Southwest Airlines is also the first occupant of these Concordens.

The airport's border control excludes flights to and from Denver International Airport and the Denver Convention and Visitors Bureau, as well as all international flights from the airport.

There are currently twelve dedicated gates for international arrivals, and two are equipped for wide-body aircraft. Four gates in the centre of the hall are equipped for handling large-capacity aircraft and have two beam bridges with the designations "A" and "B." Two of them are equipped to handle Airbus A380, each with 3 gates capable of handling a Boeing 777 - 300ER, Boeing 737 - 800 or Boeing 787 - 900.

DIA is also known for the pedestrian bridge that connects the terminal to Concourse A, allowing travelers to cross the Concourse to see the planes coming in and out of the airport, as well as security checks. Hall A is surrounded by three halls operated by an underground train system. The subways that connect the main terminal with the courtyards contain some public artworks, including a work of art about Colorado's history. The mural is ambiguous in its meaning and depicts scenes that include animals in cages, people with suffering and people with disabilities.

In the past, observers have interpreted it as representing the US Supreme Court's decision in Roe v. Wade and the death of President George W. Bush.

In March 2019, the airport unveiled an animated, talking gargoyle in the middle of one of the congresses. The statue wears an A7L print suit and poses with a gold-plated helmet. In one incident, the sculpture was smeared with hooves and orange paint, but many people defended and denigrated it.

The NTSB determined that the accident happened when the fuel hose was disconnected at an inappropriate angle. The NTS B launched an investigation to determine whether foreign objects were possibly the cause, such as sharp sand used for pulling in winter, combined with poor maintenance of the fuel tank and pump of the engine, and a valve failure.

In April 1994, the city invited reporters to observe the installation of an automatic baggage system at the Westin Hotel in St. Louis, Missouri. While traditional baggage handlers handled cargo and passenger baggage manually, baggage systems were discontinued in the mid-1990s, but they continued to be a mainstay.

FAA air traffic controllers used the event to test the procedure and look for holes in the radio coverage as planes taxied around the building.

Reporters were confronted with scenes of clothing and other personal items scattered along the tracks of the system, as the triggers that carried luggage from belt to belt often threw luggage directly out of the systems. After the blizzard, the airport invested heavily in new snow removal equipment, which meant that up to two metres of snow had to be cleared on asphalt surfaces, which had to be closed for almost two days. The weight of heavy snow caused a 40-foot gash that forced the evacuation of a section of the terminal's main building.

DIA is currently reviewing the master plan and the city reached its capacity limit for the first phase in 2008. As part of the master plan update, the airport announced that Parsons Corporation has designed the two bridges to the main terminal.

The A-Line is an electric commuter train that runs from Union Station in Denver to the DIA Hotel and Transit Center. The Regional Transportation District (RTD) operates a frequent airport express bus service called skyRide, and the sponsorship agreement provides for the University of Colorado line. It connects the airport with Denver International Airport (sometimes called the East Rail Line) in about 37 minutes. Financed, built and commissioned by the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT), Denver Metropolitan Transportation Authority (DMTA) and Denver Transit Authority on April 22, 2016.

The airport has the option of adding six additional runways, bringing the total number of runways to 12. As the airport is about a mile above sea level, a Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner or Boeing 777-300ER can take off and land on the runway at any time.

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