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Roam Student Living knows how difficult it can be to decide where to eat your next meal, so we decided to create our own list of the best restaurants in Missoula, Missouri. Below is a list, in descending order, of some of our favorite restaurants and bars in and around Missouri, including bakeries and ice cream parlours. If anything on this list deserves a gold star because it is a totally unexpected hidden gem in Missoulsa restaurants, it would have to go to the Greek pastry shop, also known to locals as Gyros No. 1.

Sorenson cheerfully works over a wood-burning oven and serves waffles made from locally grown kamut wheat topped with homemade chocolatey syrup while working behind the counter. Since Seward bought the place in 1948, this secluded cowboy bar has served a steady stream of hot dogs, hamburgers and hot dog sandwiches, accompanied by a wide selection of beers and wines, from local breweries to local craft beers.

Marshall also hosts a daily and weekly special that shows what's fresh and available, whether it's fresh or dried chiles. Commercial collectors turn up at this café, where chef Andy Blanton buys them from the Sackerln and presents them in a variety of dishes including chicken and pork ribs, pork chops, chicken wings and more.

If you don't have time to listen to live music, but are looking for something to fill your stomach, try this unique burger. You should definitely visit this place early, because the run-down barbecue closes on Saturday and Sunday at 6 pm. So if you want to avoid customer traffic, you should drop by early in the morning. Famous P.I.G.: Lunch and dinner are usually the busiest times of the day at this place where you can't - by - lunch or dinner - make up time, and you should go there at least two hours before the end of lunch or early in the evening, if not earlier, because they are always open for lunch. Visit us at any time of day or night to get a quick bite, especially on weekends and holidays or in the summer months.

If you really feel like it, order the house - ice cream with some cream cheese on top. If you are not lucky enough to have your grandmother or a special aunt prepare chips and bread, visit the crow fair. Do not forget to finish your meal with a homemade gelato and then return to the crow fair for a few more days.

If you want to bite into traditional grilled food or try something new, Missoula is ready to give you good money. They prepare the best barbecue dishes and have a wide selection of different meats, from ribs to breast fillets, pork ribs, chicken and pork chops.

If you're in Missoula looking for a fantastic sandwich, Tagliare Delicatessen is your 100 best bet.

The menu at Plonk changes seasonally so you won't find the same menu items every time you visit, but breakfast and lunch are served every day. There are several menus to choose from, but we recommend starting with breakfast or brunch. We recommend that you take the chef's recommendations and treat yourself to a few starters, appetizers and dessert courses. If you are eating on the go, it is recommended to have a beer with you to perfect your meal.

The food is always fantastic and you will be able to enjoy a meal accompanied by some of the best live entertainers in town. From acoustics to jazz, Top Hat is known for having good live music and entertainers at dinner every week.

Next time you're looking for food in Missoula, be sure to check out our list of the top 10 restaurants. Our list of the best restaurants in Missoulsa ranges from the most popular restaurants in the city to some of our favorite places in town to some new restaurants.

Five Black is one of the best restaurants I've ever eaten in Missoula, and also part of a growing food chain that serves its food at an affordable price for the public. Five Black has been a fixture in the city for over 30 years and has been a popular local hero for many years.

Big Dipper has expanded to locations in downtown Helena and Billings, serving some of the best food in Missoula, as well as other parts of Montana and Montana and even beyond.

The baby ribs are covered in honey-mustard-barbecue sauce, and the pies are made from Angus beef never frozen and are served with freshly made biscuits and freshly cut chips. Serve with a side of mashed potatoes with local grains and a full rib - half of it - when served. I prefer to cook it in an outdoor turkey deep-fat pan, where the intestines are left over, but they fill it up and cut the fries fresh.

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