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The winter months are a roller coaster of high and low amounts of snow, but fortunately the snow of January and February still hangs around in the mountains of Montana. Wichita, Kansas, recorded its first snowfall of the year on Friday, topping the previous record of 1.5 inches set in 1913. The Idaho Department of Labor announced Friday that the host Missoula Mavericks defeated the Prairie Cardinals 2-1 in the first game of a three-game series at the Idaho State Fairgrounds.

In the upper Missouri River Basin, 500 weather stations are planned. Under the contract, UM researchers will install the new weather station to better position themselves as a leading university in terms of climate data. The National Weather Service is investigating the radar failure that killed one person near Missoula, Id.

Flood warnings have also been issued for Missoula County and the Clark Fork River, also near Missoulsa. Warnings were issued today for the Missouri and its tributaries, including the Columbia River from the Mississippi to the Yellowstone River. Warnings were also in effect for parts of the Great Plains and parts of North Dakota, Montana, Wyoming and Idaho.

Flood warnings have also been issued for Missoula County and the Clark Fork River, also near Missoulsa, until the river reaches its peak. Flood warnings were issued today for the Columbia River from the Mississippi to the Yellowstone River.

Lewis & Clark County remains under a flood warning, including the Columbia River from the Mississippi to the Missouri River and all its tributaries. The Sun River in Simms is above flood stage and is expected to continue to rise, closing roads and flooding the Yak River near Troy in Lincoln County, but below flood level. The Yellowstone River at the mouth of the river in Missoula County is under a flood warning and there are no road closures due to flooding, but it is likely that some activity will resume, including at least one or two more days of heavy rains and / or flooding of roads and bridges. Lewis and Clark counties and parts of Columbia County are under the warning and roadsides are tight. Yak River, Troy, and Lincoln counties are in or near flood stages, except for a small portion of Washington County.

For even faster and faster excitement, try Alberton Gorge, located just a few miles south of the Columbia River in Columbia County and north of Columbia City.

Here you are sure to plan your next trip to Alberton Gorge for great views of the Columbia River and Missouri River Gorge.

mphweather underground provides weather information for worldwide locations, including the latest weather forecasts for the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia.

Missoula is a city of about ten neighborhoods and historic districts, including the city center, downtown, downtown and the old town. Fire and weather services are provided by the National Weather Service in Missouria, Montana, as well as the Montana Fire Department and Montana State Police.

This new station measures a variety of weather variables, including temperature, precipitation, wind speed and direction, humidity, air pressure and humidity. The best time to visit Missoula is from the beginning of July to mid-August, according to our tourism statistics. Then we find something to do with the drain, but it is also a good time for outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, fishing, camping, hiking and picnicking as well as a few other fun activities. According to the results, the best travel times for Missouria, Montana, a city of about 2,000 people, are from early June to late July or mid-August, according to the National Weather Service's website.

Surprisingly, even in the southern Rockies and Arizona, the elevation increases the probability of winter rainfall by a multiple. Boulder has a 47 percent chance of a white Christmas, and it's this type of unpredictable weather that makes for a spring adventure in the Missouri River.

If you love the University of Montana, you will love to move to Missoula and live in the stunning green landscape that deserves the name Garden City. It is a dry year - winters are frosty and partly cloudy, and summers are short, warm and mostly clear in Missoulsa. Don't mind looking for bears, but don't miss all the stores, including those in Missouri and Boise, Idaho.

There are many lakes in the Missoula area - grab a map And in 1-2 hours or less you will find a lake filled with large fish. We tend to focus on the river when the river fluctuates closer to Missoulsa due to the snow melt in May and June, but you can just stop fishing on this river. Tours of Missouri are held year-round, and people visit the course along the 95 and Missouri River.

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More About Missoula